The art of wearing perfect jewelry combination


Simple jewelry is one of our best friends when it comes to bringing our looks to life. Though, sometimes, choosing the essential pieces of jewelry for a particular occasion can be a complicated task to do correctly, especially for young maidens or beginners. This article will give you an excellent start to combine perfect jewelry combination that can be used on any occasion.


Earrings jewelry that you can always wear

The earrings are one of the most visible jewels and also closer to the face. Beautiful earrings have the power to illuminate your face and your look, so we recommend having at least three basic models as a part of your closet. Unquestionably, our first recommendation is to have a pair of white pearl earrings. A timeless classic that you can wear on many occasions and that will give you a sophisticated but straightforward image.

You should also have some diamond earrings or zircons which have a rather small size. Being translucent, you can combine them with any looks and any color of your clothes. Both day and night are suitable for these earrings and will give you an elegant and refined style.

Finally, we recommend you always to have a pair of small and straightforward earrings made of silver or gold. Preferably, with a geometric shape or with any form you choose, such as heart or star earrings. These types of earrings can be beneficial to create the most casual outfits for your everyday life — every kind of earrings mentioned you could buy from an online vendor or silver jewelry manufacturer at wholesale price.


Suitable pendants to compliment your neck

As essential jewelry, we recommend you have minimalist pendants of different length. This will allow you to combine them or wear them separately. It is a trend to stack gold pendants, although silver pendants are also suitable for stacking (Wearing many at once). They should be a thin and straightforward pendant, although it is possible to choose a piece with some distinctive feature that gives us personality and a little color. Another excellent choice would be a stone pendant. Most of these you buy online from stone or silver jewelry manufacturer at wholesale price.

Simple rings to complete your looks

The ideal jewelry to be included with our collection is a simple ring that gives you a personal touch. Get several minimalist rings, so you have several options to combine them. You can find this type of jewelry pieces on the online silver jewelry manufacturers website. I also can recommend more affordable options at my favorite silver jewelry manufacturer, Hong Factory.

To finish with style minimalist bracelets and bangles

Among the essentials in Wholesale Silver Jewelry collection, we must include minimalist bracelets and bangles. Here, the range of options is extensive, and you can choose, among multiple models, those that best suit your personality and style. We always recommend you to find comfort and simplicity in the designs. We can choose between silver and gold, thin or thick bracelets, and a multitude of brands and models.
You can also mix your custom decoration with your brand name bracelets. Many women choose this option because of the immense personalization potential offered by the models of the famous brand and the diversity of custom decoration that make up their different collections.

These are the essential jewelry that we recommend so you can start creating a perfect jewelry box with the safest and most versatile options. So, you can quickly complete your looks and always have opportunities to wear on all types of occasions.

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